Overview of the megaserver system (General, WvW, and guilds)

We’re almost at the end of the list for Arena Net’s blog posts on the upcoming April 15th feature patch; however, the announcements are still super awesome! Today Arena Net introduced the brand new “Megaserver System.” This post now also includes notes from April 3rd’s posts: “The Megaserver System: World Bosses and Events” as well as “The Megaserver System: Guilds and the Future.” These last two posts were the final two posts before the April 15th patch hits! If you would like to review all of the changes that were announced prior to today, you can click on the three bars at the top right of the page, and then click on “feature patch notes” underneath the categories section.

You can read the official posts through the links above, but I’ll also summarize the key points below, just in case you’d like a more to-the-point version!

General notes:

  • You are placed in a map that has your guildies and friends, even if you are on different servers!
  • You “won’t be separated into different copies of the same map based on the world they selected on character creation.”
  • Instead you will be placed into a map that has your friends, guildies, party-members, home server players, same-language speaking players, etc.
  • The megaserver system removes overflows, as it dynamically adjusts to fit more players by making more copies of the map.
  • NA and EU regions are still split.
  • As players are sorted together, the lower leveling areas will not be deserted anymore!

And some statistics from Arena Net’s internal testing:

Metric: Change:
Average population per map copy +225 %
Player goes to the same map as his or her party +25 %
Average population from the same party as the player on joined map +36 %
Average population from the same guild as the player on joined map +5 %
Average population from the same home world as the player on joined map +6 %
Average population speaking the same language as the player on joined map +41 %

These stats look totally awesome, and I can’t wait to level some alts in a map that really feels alive with other players! However, just keep in mind:

  • The megaserver system will only apply to maps with a level requirement of 15 or less, and cities. Arena Net will expand the system to other maps in the future once they get a feel for how it works. They also hinted that the system will be coming to WvW soon, which I’m interested to see how it will play out!

World bosses and events:

  • A new schedule declares that world bosses will occur at the same time on every server, every day.
  • You can see the fully new, reworked schedule for world events here, just scroll down a little bit until you see the huge table.
  • All world bosses are getting a failure timer (must kill the boss within a certain timeframe), or some kind of failure mechanic.
  • Some world bosses have had difficulty scaling updates, more abilities added, and different event chains leading to the boss fights themselves – Arena Net encourages everyone to check out each boss again!
  • Guilds will be able to activate world boss fights with usage of a new guild upgrade.

Arena Net also says that:

  • “All contestable waypoints on any map you’re not currently playing in will always appear contested. When you arrive in the map, you will be able to travel to these waypoints pending their local status.”
  • “You will no longer be able to tell if a dungeon entrance is open until you’re on the same map.”
  • “The cross-map mechanics of [The Temples of Orr] will be disabled. Instead, god statues will be active only when the nearest temple is contested.”


  • Arena Net says that because players will not be separated by servers, they want players to not be separated by guilds, either.
  • Every guild member will be “contributing to and benefitting from the same unified guild chapter.”
  • “Someday you’ll simply have one guild!”, I’m not too sure what this means, as it is kind of a confusing statement.
  • This will not result in the combining of separate guilds, it will simply allow for one guild to be across multiple servers.
  • Will not affect the member cap of 500.
  • More information will be announced about the WvW and guild stuff later.

As always, you can check out rest of Arena Net’s official posts about the feature patch here, and you can view the rest of my summaries by clicking on the three bars at the top right hand side of the page, and then clicking on the category called “feature patch.”